Recurring cryptocurrency trading using your existing exchange

(Dollar cost averaging)

Why Crypterval?

  • 💰 Cheaper than Coinbase

    A daily recurring £10 trade for 30 days using GDAX + Crypterval is 75p a month. The same recurring trade on Coinbase would cost £29.70!

  • 📈 Hedge against volatility

    Crypterval allows you to follow the ‘dollar-cost averaging’ technique, limiting your exposure to the volatility of these new digital assets. Never miss out whatever the price.

  • 😌 Anxiety free automation

    Take a long-term #HODL approach and regularly trading smaller amounts remove anxiety from constantly checking market prices.

  • 🕹 You’re in control

    Want to increase your daily invested amount? Want to invest every 2 weeks instead? Create, stop and activate recurring trades whenever you wish.